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1. Last Saturday, my father ---- that his dinner suit was too small, so now he ---- a strict diet.
A) has discovered / followed
B) discovers / was following
C) discovered / is following
D) was discovering / has followed
E) has been discovering / follows
2. Helen ---- her driving test five times so far without success, but she ---- yet.
A) takes / isn't giving up
B) has taken / hasn't given up
C) was taking / didn't give up
D) is taking / doesn't give up
E) took / wasn't giving up
3. Most of the time, John and his friends ---- football matches at their local cafe, but this Saturday, they ---- to the stadium, and so they're all very excited.
A) watch / are going
B) have been watching / go
C) are watching / have gone
D) were watching / went
E) have watched / were going
4. Kate ---- a vegetarian for eleven years now, and she ---- meat at all during this time.
A) is / isn't eating
B) has been / wasn't eating
C) is / doesn't eat
D) has been / hasn't eaten
E) was / didn't eat
5. Last year, Richard ---- his bicycle to work everyday, but he ---- the bus since the accident.
A) rides / takes
B) has ridden / is taking
C) rode / has been taking
D) was riding / took
E) is riding / has taken
6. I ---- glasses when I was younger, but now I ---- contact lenses.
A) was wearing / have had
B) have worn / am having
C) have been wearing / had
D) wear / was having
E) wore / have
7. About a month ago, I ---- a brochure about your hotel, but I ---- it yet.
A) request / didn't receive
B) have requested / am not receiving
C) was requesting / wasn't receiving
D) requested / haven't received
E) have been requested / don't receive
8. The conditions in our office ---- more and more unbearable, and so quite often recently I ---- quitting it and looking for a new job.
A) have got / was considering
B) was getting / am considering
C) are getting / have considered
D) have been getting / consider
E) get / considered
9. Because I ---- a long way from my work, I ---- lots of time going to and from work.
A) live / waste
B) lived / have wasted
C) have been living / wasted
D) am living / have been wasting
E) was living / am wasting
10. In the USA, the twenty largest newspaper chains ---- for almost half of the circulation, reflecting a trend that ---- in the 1970s.
A) account / started
B) were accounting / start
C) has accounted / was starting
D) accounted / is starting
E) accounts / has started

11. Clean snow ---- as much as 87 percent of the sunlight that ---- on it.
A) is reflecting / shone
B) has reflected / was shining
C) reflected / is shining
D) was reflected / has shone
E) reflects / shines
12. More than two hundred people ---- the tower when the bomb ---- in one of the dustbins.
A) have visited / was exploding
B) were visiting / exploded
C) visited / has exploded
D) are visiting / is exploding
E) visit / has exploded

13. Because you ---- half of the ingredients as I ---- dinner, you probably aren't hungry at all now.
A) were eating / have prepared
B) have eaten / prepared
C) have been eating / prepare
D) ate / was preparing
E) eat / have been preparing
14. She ---- strictly since Christmas and so far she ---- eight kilos.
A) was dieting / was losing
B) dieted / loses
C) diets / is losing
D) is dieting / lost
E) has been dieting / has lost
15. Cindy's family ---- chains in this area for over three centuries and now her father ---- this traditional craft at the county museum twice a day as well.
A) are making / is demonstrating
B) have made / has demonstrated
C) made / was demonstrating
D) were making / demonstrated
E) have been making / demonstrates
16. He ---- to unlock the door to his flat because the telephone ----
A) was hurrying / rang
B) hurries / has been ringing
C) hurried / was ringing
D) is hurrying / rings
E) has hurried / has rung
17. There ---- economies since the dawn of civilization, but as a field of study, economics ---- only recently.
A) were / was developing
B) have been / has developed
C) are / has been developing
D) were / is developing
E) have been / develops
18. John Deere ---- his farm machinery business, which ---- tractors today, in the 19th century.
A) founds / still produced
B) has founded / is still producing
C) was founding / was still producing
D) founded / still produces
E) is founding / has still produced

19. I ---- my French lately; consequently, I ---- more and more of it.
A) am not practising / forget
B) haven't been practising / am forgetting
C) don't practise / have forgotten
D) wasn't practising / forgot
E) didn't practise / was forgetting
20. The old lady's health ---- day by day until she ---- smoking.
A) was deteriorating / gave up
B) is deteriorating / gives up
C) deteriorated / has given up
D) deteriorates / is giving up
E) has deteriorated / was giving up
21. The managing director ---- Sid to sales manager and ever since, he ---- everybody around.
A) promoted / has been bossing
B) promotes / bosses
C) has promoted / is bossing
D) is promoting / was bossing
E) was promoting / has bossed
22. Problems with the hotel, coupled with this awful weather, ---- our holiday miserable, so we ---- before the scheduled time.
A) have made / have left
B) were making / leave
C) make / left
D) are making / are leaving
E) made / were leaving
23. The fact that more people ---- ozone-friendly products nowadays ---- that the media can positively increase public awareness.
A) have used / was showing
B) used / has shown
C) use / has been showing
D) were using / showed
E) are using / shows
24. My sister ---- from severe back aches lately and I think it's because, last month, she ---- to work in a shop where she has to pick up heavy things.
A) is suffering / has started
B) suffers / was starting
C) has been suffering / started
D) suffered / is starting
E) was suffering / starts

25. Though she ---- dancing, Sonia ---- to the disco with her friends the previous night just in order to be with them in a different atmosphere.
A) hasn't like / has gone
B) doesn't like / went
C) didn't like / is going
D) doesn't like / goes
E) didn't like / has been going
26. Somebody ---- three times this morning asking for Pete, but nobody called Pete ---- here.
A) has phoned / has ever lived
B) is phoning / was ever living
C) phones / ever lived
D) phoned / is ever living
E) has been phoning / ever lived
27. Joey ---- just ---- stubborn when he refused to go to the cinema today and he only did so because we ---- to go bowling yesterday.
A) is ---- being / haven't wanted
B) has ---- been / didn't want
C) is / don't want
D) was / haven't been wanting
E) was ---- being / didn't want
28. My mother ---- her optician tomorrow because her eyesight ---- worse since she got this computing job.
A) has visited / is becoming
B) visited / was becoming
C) visits / becomes
D) is visiting / has become
E) was visiting / became

29. As the President ---- the hall, all the guests ---- to their feet to welcome him.
A) was entering / have risen
B) entered / rose
C) is entering / rise
D) enters / have been rising
E) has entered / were rising

30. She ---- interested in health ever since she was a young girl and now that the medical college ---- her as a student, it seems that she will be able to work in the medical field.
A) was / accepted
B) has been / has accepted
C) is / is accepting
D) is being / accepts
E) was / was accepting


1. Bob ---- with us tonight as he ---- an appointment with the dentist.
A) won't have trained / is making
B) hasn't trained / was making
C) hadn't trained / made
D) doesn't train / makes
E) isn't going to train / has made
2. We ---- football for two hours and ---- to a restaurant for a meal, afterwards.
A) are playing / go
B) play / are going
C) played / went
D) have played / were going
E) have been playing / had gone
3. Environmental pollution ---- ever since people ---- to congregate in towns and cities.
A) will have existed / are beginning
B) exists / have begun
C) had existed / were beginning
D) has existed / began
E) will exist / begin
4. I heard that you ---- about the boys all day , so I just rang to tell you that Matthew ---- from a pay phone a couple of hours ago and they are both fine. The weather is fine and they will be home on Sunday evening.
A) had been worrying / will phone
B) have been worrying / phoned
C) will be worrying / had phoned
D) are worrying / is going to phone
E) were worrying / phones
5. Although he ---- the first round in record time, he ---- in the second , and so finished tenth overall.
A) finishes / is slipping
B) had been finishing / was slipping
C) will have finished / slips
D) had finished / slipped
E) was finishing / has slipped
6. The petrol warning light ---- for half an hour before we ---- a petrol station.
A) had been flashing / reached
B) is going to flash / will reach
C) flashed / have reached
D) flashes / will be reaching
E) was flashing / were reaching

7. Up until the tap water ---- back on yesterday evening , we ---- water back and forth for three days
A) came / had been carrying
B) has come / have been carrying
C) had come / were carrying
D) was coming / will have been carrying
E) is coming / will have carried
8. The neighbours ---- so loudly last night that they ---- us all awake until after midnight.
A) are shouting / are keeping
B) have been shouting / were keeping
C) shouted / have been keeping
D) have shouted / had kept
E) were shouting / kept
9. Man's use of pictures to tell stories and to record experiences ---- in prehistoric times, when he ---- on the walls of caves.
A) was beginning / has drawn
B) began / drew
C) begins / will have drawn
D) has begun / was drawing
E) had begun / draw
10. My team ---- a match for a month , so currently the manager ---- resigning if they lose one more match.
A) doesn't win / considers
B) isn't winning / was considering
C) hasn't won / is considering
D) hadn't won / will have considered
E) wasn't winning / will consider
11. My brother ---- past the post office every morning and I ---- him all week to post a letter for me, but he keeps forgetting, so I'm going to post it myself tomorrow.
A) will be going / ask
B) will go / am asking
C) goes / have been asking
D) is going / will ask
E) has been going / had asked

12. The football team that . last year's championship ---- little chance of winning it again this year.
A) was winning / stood
B) was going to win / stand
C) has won / has stood
D) had won / was standing
E) won / stands

13. Freedom of the press ---- an issue between people and their governments since the time individuals ---- newspapers independent of government control for the first time.
A) is / are publishing
B) will have been / publish
C) had been / were publishing
D) has been / published
E) was / have published
14. The hikers ---- so tired by the time they ---- the top of the hill that I'm sure they'll first want to sit down for a rest.
A) will have got / reach
B) are getting / will have reached
C) had got / reached
D) have got / are reaching
E) were getting / had reached
15. When the young scouts ---- the top of the hill, they ---- for more than an hour.
A) reached / have been walking
B) reach / will have been walking
C) will have reached / are walking
D) had reached / were walking
E) have reached / will be walking
16. Modern exploration of the undersea world had its beginnings in June 1943, when Jacgues Cousteau ---- his first dive with a revolutionary breathing device which he ---- with Emile Gagnan, a French engineer.
A) was making / has developed
B) had made / will have developed
C) has made / was developing
D) will have made / develops
E) made / had developed
17. She says that she ---- the eight o'clock train tomorrow , but I'm sure she ---- it , as usual.
A) is catching / is missing
B) has caught / misses
C) will have caught / has missed
D) is going to catch / will miss
E) was catching / missed
18. The fisherman ---- more fish in one night than ever before, so when they anchored in the harbour , they ---- with joy at the thought of their reward.
A) had been catching / will sing
B) will have caught / sang
C) had caught / were singing
D) caught / have been singing
E) have caught / will be singing

19. On my friend's farm they ---- an alarm clock because the cockerel ---- at five o'clock every morning without fail.
A) don't need / crows
B) haven't needed / was crowing
C) won't have needed / has crowed
D) won’t need / is crowing
E) didn't need / will crow
20. The Continental Congress ---- the US Postal Service in 1775 and the first federal government ---- the service in the Constitution.
A) was founding / has included
B) had founded / includes
C) has founded / is including
D) was going to found / will include
E) founded / included
21. Look, the conservation volunteers ---- cheerfully in the sunshine all morning , unlike yesterday, when they ---- to work in the rain
A) worked / are refusing
B) are working / were refusing
C) will be working / have refused
D) have been working / refused
E) will have worked / had refused
22. A: Is that your pure wool pullover in the washing machine? It ---- you know!
B: No, I ---- it several times in the machine already. I use the wool cycle and it's fine.
A) was shrinking / wash
B) has shrunk / had washed
C) will shrink / washed
D) is going to shrink / have washed
E) is shrinking / have been washing
23. The weather conditions ---- throughout the day and now the ground officials are confident that the championship game ---- ahead
A) have been improving / will go
B) will be improving / is going
C) have improved / was going
D) are improving / has gone
E) improved / went
24. Some of us will be needed tomorrow to finish the fence because, at this rate , two sections ---- unfinished when we ---- work tonight.
A) have remained / stopped
B) will have remained / were stopping
C) are going to remain / will stop
D) are remaining / are stopping
E) will remaining / stop
25. Decoupage, an art form that ---- in France during the 17th century ---- cutting out designs and patterned materials and fastening them permanently to a surface.
A) has originated / will involve
B) originated / involves
C) was originating / is involving
D) will have originated / involved
E) is originating / was involving
26. They ---- so many hotels in the region in recent years that gradually they ---- the natural beauty of the area.
A) were building / destroy
B) will build / have been destroying
C) have built / are destroying
D) are building / have destroyed
E) have been building / destroyed
27. After she ---- to me for the fifth time, I ---- another word she said, and put an end to our friendship.
A) has lied / don't believe
B) has been lying / won't believe
C) was lying / haven't believed
D) is lying / hadn't believed
E) had lied / didn't believe
28. Since they ---- part in their first conversation volunteer week, they ---- on several projects with great pleasure.
A) are taking / worked
B) take / will have worked
C) are going to take / are working
D) took / have worked
E) have been taking / work

29. Asia ---- the world's largest land mass and ---- just over half of the world's people.
A) has had / held
B) is having / is holding
C) has / holds
D) was having / was holding
E) has been having / will hold

30. I ---- to the bank during my lunch-break today, but an old colleague ---- to visit us, so, naturally, I wanted to hear all the news.
A) was going to go / came
B) went / is coming
C) have gone / was coming
D) had gone / has come
E) am going to go / comes

31. Suddenly it ---- very foggy, so we ---- compass bearings to find the right route down the mountain.
A) will become / use
B) had become / used
C) became / are using
D) becomes / will use
E) has become / had used
32. We're looking after our neighbour's dog as well as our own and it ---- two kilos of meat a day, so I ---- dog meat in bulk these days.
A) is eating / bought
B) ate / have bought
C) was eating / have been buying
D) eats / am buying
E) will have eaten / had bought
33. By the end of this court session the jury ---- all the witnesses and they ---- the courtroom to decide on a verdict.
A) have been hearing / have left
B) had heard / are leaving
C) are hearing / leave
D) hear / left
E) will have heard / will leave
34. I feel certain that her new travel agency ---- because she ---- a thorough market survey.
A) is succeeding / will do
B) has succeeded / will have done
C) will succeed / has done
D) was succeeding / is doing
E) succeeded / has been doing
35. When Chilean separatist forces ---- an independent Chile in 1818, the vice-royalty of Peru ---- over Chile for almost three centuries.
A) declared / had been ruling
B) has declared / was ruling
C) was declaring / has been ruling
D) is declaring / ruled
E) had declared / will have ruled
36. I ---- some chicken curry earlier and ---- Richard and Kate to stay for dinner, but just then I remembered that they were both vegetarian.
A) was going to cook / have asked
B) had been cooking / will ask
C) cooked / will have asked
D) had cooked / was going to ask
E) have cooked / had asked

37. I expect you ---- from school by this time next year and ---- for a job.
A) have graduated / will have looked
B) are graduating / have been looking
C) will have graduated / will be looking
D) graduate / will have been looking
E) were graduating / are going to look
38. Our Spanish teacher ---- very slowly and clearly to us at the moment because we ---- very far in the language yet.
A) talks / aren't progressing
B) is talking / haven't progressed
C) was talking / didn't progress
D) has been talking / weren't progressing
E) will be talking / don't progress
39. Before the potato blight ---- Ireland in the 1840s, most Irish people ---- on a subsistence diet of potatoes.
A) was striking / relied
B) has struck / relies
C) had struck / has relied
D) strikes / will rely
E) struck / had relied
40. Between the years 1846 and 1851, one million Irish men and women ---- to death and 1.6 million ---- to the USA.
A) had been starving / have emigrated
B) have been starving / emigrate
C) were starving / were emigrating
D) starved / emigrated
E) had starved / will have emigrated
41. Bangladesh ---- independence from Pakistan in 1971 and ever since the assassination of its first prime minister in 1974, the military ---- the country's government.
A) has gained / were dominating
B) had gained / are dominating
C) gained / have dominated
D) was gaining / dominate
E) gains / have been dominating
42. Over the recent years alcoholism ---- a leading cause of death in the young adult population in the USA. This statistic ---- deaths from drunken driving and fires started by carelessly dropped cigarettes.
A) became / was including
B) becomes / included
C) was becoming / will include
D) is becoming / is including
E) has become / includes

43. Some of the workers ---- the peaches while the others ---- them in wooden boxes.
A) are picking / will place
B) were picking / were placing
C) have been picking / placed
D) picked / have been placing
E) had been picking / have placed
44. Although manufacturers ---- electric cars as prototypes for a number of years now, it will be a long time before they ---- common.
A) produced / are becoming
B) have been producing / become
C) produce / will become
D) are producing / became
E) were producing / will have become
45. Between 1607 and 1733 Englishmen ---- thirteen colonies along the east coast of North America and by 1750 nearly two million men, women and children ---- in these colonies.
A) were establishing / will be living
B) have been establishing / lived
C) established / were living
D) had established / will have lived
E) have established / had lived
46. I ---- some wood for the fire while you ---- the salad.
A) will fetch / prepare
B) fetch / are preparing
C) am fetching / will prepare
D) have fetched / prepared
E) was fetching / have prepared
47. By the 16th century, Austria ---- so large that its emperor ---- all of modern Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Spain as well as parts of Italy and Yugoslavia.
A) has become / ruled
B) was becoming / has ruled
C) was going to become / rule
D) had become / was ruling
E) becomes / has been ruling
48. The earthworm, which ---- neither lungs nor gills, ---- through its skin.
A) is having / has breathed
B) has had / is breathing
C) was having / breathed
D) will have / was breathing
E) has / breathes

49. The athletes ---- for exactly three months by the time the races ---- due to start.
A) have been training / will be
B) will have been training / are
C) are going to train / will have been
D) are training / were
E) had trained / have been
50. Adolescence, the process of changing from a child into an adult usually ---- sometime between the ages of 11 and 14 and ---- for approximately six to ten years.
A) occurs / continues
B) occurred / has been continuing
C) will occur / continued
D) occurs / was continuing
E) occurred / will have continued
51. – 60. sorularda, yarım bırakılan cümleyi tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
51. My mother has really hated going to the hairdresser's .
A) until they promised to style it the way she wanted
B) when my aunt offered to cut her hair for her
C) by the time it becomes really necessary
D) because she believed that it was waste of both money and time going there
E) ever since one accidentally dyed her hair orange.
52. Until the teacher pointed out all my mistakes to me, .
A) l don't really expect to get such a high score
B) l won't know whether l did well in the exam or not
C) l have always come top in every exam
D) l really believed my translation exercise was perfect
E) l expect she'll praise the effort I’ve made
53. when the waiter brought the desserts.
A) I’ve decided to order another drink
B) We had barely finished our main course
C) You can ask the waiter for our bill
D) You've been taking too long to drink your soup
E) l don't think I’ll have finished my steak

54. They'll let us know the exact price .
A) after they had been calculating it for at least five minutes
B) when they took the measurements of all the rooms
C) as soon as they've calculated the total amount of carpet we need
D) since the moment we went to the shop and asked them for it
E) just as we were entering the carpet shop
55. It was only after she left the examination room that .
A) she's promised herself to study harder next time
B) she remembered the past tense verb endings
C) she is relieved that it is now all over
D) she will have been preparing for it for over a week
E) she is starting to get worried about her exam results
56. She only passed her driving test two months ago, but since then .
A) she had to pay a fine for speeding twice just last month
B) she probably won't have had any major traffic accidents
C) she drives to her office, which is in a busy centre of the city
D) she has driven two thousand kilometres in her car
E) she drove her friends everywhere they wanted to go
57. Before the trainees dive into the water, .
A) they practised putting on their wet suits and diving equipment without help
B) they were swimming in the ocean around some rocky cliffs
C) the sea had been quite calm all day, with almost no waves
D) they always checked the water temperature first
E) the instructor checks that their diving equipment is properly fitted

58. by the time you finish your game and come to table.
A) You've been at your computer all afternoon
B) We are eating our dinner
C) l don't think l can wait.
D) We've just started eating our dinner
E) Your dinner will be cold
59. Suddenly, he came up with fresh ideas about the end of his novel .
A) ever since he started to take these walks along the seashore
B) whenever he goes to the park and stares at the ducks in the pond
C) while he was sitting on a park bench absent–mindedly
D) when the electricity comes back on and he is able to use the computer
E) until it was ready to be handed in to his publisher
60. I’ll probably have left the office, but if you have any questions you can call me on my mobile.
A) While I’m trying to arrange the annual reception
B) As soon as you completed typing that report
C) During the argument you had with the secretary just now
D) By the time you finish your meeting
E) Until we received the massage from head office

61. – 80. sorularda cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan sözcüğü bulunuz.

61. l knew that she was disappointed l saw the look on her face.
A) as soon as
B) ever since
C) while
D) until
E) just as

62. the match the supporters were getting more and more annoyed at their team's failure to score a goal despite several opportunities.
A) During
B) As soon as
C) By the time
D) Since
E) While
63. the referee blew the final whistle, the home players swapped shirts with the opposition.
A) Until
B) Since
C) Scarcely
D) During
E) When
64. The fire had spread to his neighbour's apartment the fire brigade arrived.
A) while
B) since
C) after
D) by the time
E) just as
65. l was about to close the shop, a man asked me if we were still open and l'm glad l said yes because he bought a huge bouquet of flowers for his wife.
A) While
B) By the time
C) Just as
D) Before
D) Since
66. You can be sure that you're out there working in hard conditions, everybody at home is thinking of you.
A) by the time
B) while
C) until
D) before
E) hardly
67. he started competing in high profile tournaments, Tiger Williams’ name has been famous not just as a terrific golfer, but as the first internationally successful black golfer.
A) Since
B) As soon as
C) While
D) Before
E) When

68. The boat won't be able to sail this storm dies down and the sea gets calmer.
A) while
B) by the time
C) until
D) when
E) just as
69. France has been a republic French Revolution in 1789.
A) just as
B) while
C) during
D) since
E) before
70. We were going to go swimming yesterday, , because my friend was suffering from the flu, we stayed home instead.
A) only
B) and
C) during
D) afterwards
E) but
71. She loves James Bond movies, so one is showing she books a ticket straight away.
A) while
B) whenever
C) by the time
D) until
E) just as

72. Abolitionists fought for many years the American Government finally banned the keeping of slaves.
A) after
B) as soon as
C) before
D) while
E) since

73. There was such a queue at the snack shop during the interval of the film that, l returned to the auditorium with our drink, the second half of the film had begun.
A) by the time
B) as soon as
C) while
D) after
E) until

74. the children were outside playing in the snow, their mother was kindly making hot drinks and sandwiches for them ready for their return.
A) After
B) While
C) Until
D) As soon as
E) Before
75. The referee blew the final whistle our team was about to score a goal.
A) since
B) before
C) after
D) just as
E) until
76. The winners wept with joy the judges announced the results.
A) by the time
B) before
C) as
D) until
E) but
77. she saw the advertisement in the local paper, she telephoned the owner of the apartment immediately.
A) Since
B) By the time
C) While
D) During
E) As soon as
78. l spoke to him briefly this morning at the meeting, but l haven't seen him then.
A) since
B) before
C) by
D) as
E) during
79. She went swimming every morning she was recovering from her leg injury because the doctor had advised her that it was the only suitable exercise for her at that time.
A) before
B) while
C) during
D) by the time
E) after

80. Their team scored so many goals that they didn't sit down once the match.
A) before
B) during
C) while
D) as soon as
E) until

81. – 90. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.
81. Pek çok uzman vejeteryan dietin kalp hastalığına ve bazı kanser türlerine ya¬kalanma riskini azalttığını kabul etmek¬tedir.
A) There are so many experts who believe that the vegetarian diet eliminates the risk of heart disease and many types of cancer.
B) Experts state that, depending on people's eating habits, people may develop heart disease or various types of cancer.
C) Some experts doubt that the vegetarian diet diminishes the risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer.
D) A majority of experts recommend the vegetarian diet, saying that it helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease and various types of cancer.
E) Many experts agree that the vegetarian diet reduces the risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer.

82. Evlenecekleri tarihi henüz belirlemedi¬ler.
A) They still haven't decided whether they'll get married or not.
B) They haven't announced the date of their wedding yet.
C) They still don't know when they'll get married.
D) They haven't yet fixed the date when they'll get married.
E) They can't decide whether the date they've chosen for their wedding is suitable.

83. Efsanevi basketbolcu Kerim Abdül Cabbar, basketbolu bıraktığı 1989 yılına kadar 38,000'in üzerinde puan topla¬mıştı.
A) The legendary basketballer Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who gave up basketball in 1989, scored more than 38,000 points throughhout his sports life.
B) By the time he stopped playing basketball in 1989, the legendary basketballer Kareem Abdul Jabbar had scored around 38,000 points.
C) By the year 1989, when he retired from basketball, the legendary basketballer Kareem Abdul Jabbar had scored over 38,000 points.
D) Kareem Abdul Jabbar became a legend in the world of basketball with the record of 38,000 points he scored during his sports life.
E) Kareem Abdul Jabbar scored more than 38,000 points during his professional basketball career, and when he retired in 1989, he'd become a legendary player.
84. Matbaa icat edilene kadar halk, resmi kaynaklar kendisine ne bilgi veriyorsa onunla yetinmek zorundaydı.
A) Until the invention of printing, the public had to be satisfied with whatever information official sources gave it.
B) The only source of news the public had until the invention of printing was the information it received from the officials.
C) Before printing was invented, official sources gave the public whatever information they thought was suitable to release.
D) It was only after the invention of printing that the public began to obtain satisfactory information from official sources.
E) When printing was invented, it became possible for the public to get satisfactory information from sources other than officials.

85. Dünya sürekli değişiyor ve bizler de bu değişimin gerisinde kalmamak için uğ¬raş veriyoruz.
A) As the world is changing continually, we have to struggle hard to keep up with it.
B) lf we don't struggle hard in our rapidly changing world, we may easily fall behind this change.
C) Our constantly changing world makes us work hard in order to catch up with the changes.
D) We'll inevitably fall behind the changes if we don't try to keep up with the changing world.
E) The world is constantly changing and we are struggling not to fall behind this change.

86. A vitamini eksikliği gece körlüğüne ve diğer görme bozukluklarına yol açmak¬tadır.
A) One of the causes of night blindness and other sight disorders is the lack of Vitamin A.
B) Vitamin A deficiency leads to night blindness and other sight disorders.
C) Lack of Vitamin A is the main cause of night blindness and other sight disorders.
D) lf one's diet is deficient in Vitamin A, one is likely to suffer from night blindness and other sight disorders.
E) Night blindness, a serious sight disorder, is the result of Vitamin A deficiency.

87. "Ağla, Sevgili Memleket" adlı romanıyla Alan Paton, tüm dünyanın dikkatini Güney Afrika'daki ırk ayrımcılığına çekmeyi başarmıştır.
A) lt was with the publishing of Alan Paton's novel 'Cry, the Beloved Country' that the whole world became aware of apartheid in South Africa.
B) When Alan Paton published his novel 'Cry, the Beloved Country' , he drew the attention of all the world to apartheid in South Africa.
C) With his novel 'Cry, the Beloved Country' , Alan Paton succeeded in drawing the whole world's attention to apartheid in South Africa.
D) In 'Cry, the Beloved Country' , South African novelist Alan Paton aimed to draw the world's attention to apartheid in his country.
E) Alan Paton managed to make apartheid in South Africa known to all the world with his novel 'Cry, the Beloved Country' .

88. Fosil incelemeleri, çiçekli bitkilerin yaklaşık 70 milyon yıldır yeryüzünde bulunduğunu ortaya çıkarmıştır.
A) Scientists have recently found some fossilized flowering plants that existed on Earth about 70 million years ago.
B) The fossils of some flowering plants made it clear that those species have been thriving on Earth for 70 million years.
C) A study of various fossilized plants has shown that the Earth has had flowering plants for approximately 70 million years.
D) Fossil studies have revealed that flowering plants have existed on Earth for about 70 million years.
E) The fossil they've just examined shows that there were flowering plants on Earth about 70 million years ago.
89. Öğretmen iki öğrencinin kopya çektiğini bizzat görmedi ama yanıtlarındaki ben¬zerlik tesadüf olamayacak kadar belir¬gindi.
A) Although the teacher didn't see the two students cheating, she was sure that they had been cheating because their answers were exactly alike.
B) The answers of the two students were almost alike, yet the teacher didn't accuse them as she hadn't seen them cheating.
C) The two students weren't actually cheating when the teacher looked at them, but the similarity in their answers aroused suspicion.
D) The teacher did not actually see the two students cheating, but the resemblance between their answers was too obvious to be incidental.
E) lt was obvious from their answers that the two students had been cheating, so the teacher asked to see them personally
90. Eşi öldükten sonra, kendi ölümüne dek tek can yoldaşı kedisiydi.
A) When her husband died she took care of his cat until her own death.
B) She adopted a cat after her husband's death, so that it would keep her company.
C) After her husband died, her only companion until her own death was her cat.
D) She's had no company but her cat since the day her husband died.
E) From her husband's death to her own, she didn't have a companion except for her cat.
91. – 100. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.
91. We've been debating for an hour, but we haven't even passed the first item on the agenda yet.
A) Toplantıya başlayalı daha bir saat bile olmadı ama gündemdeki bütün maddeleri tartıştık.
B) Bir saattir hala birinci maddeyi tartışıyorsak, gündemin diğer maddelerine geçemeyeceğiz demektir.
C) Bir saat daha tartışsak bile gündemin birinci maddesini yine de geçemeyiz.
D) Tartışmalı bir konu olduğu için bir satte an¬cak gündemin birinci maddesini geçebiliriz.
E) Bir saattir tartışıyoruz ama daha gündemin birinci maddesini bile geçemedik.
92. Although geographic location plays a major part in the formation of an individual's dietary habit, food choices show variations even between the members of the same family.
A) Yiyecek seçiminde coğrafi bölge en önemli unsur olduğu halde, bazen aynı ailenin üye¬leri bile farklı yeme alışkanlığına sahip ola¬bilmektedir.
B) Bireyin yeme alışkanlığının oluşumunda coğ¬rafi bölgenin belirleyici rol oynadığı söylenir oysa aynı aileye mensup kişilerin bile yemek seçimi bazen birbirinden farklıdır.
C) Coğrafi bölge bireyin yeme alışkanlığının olu¬şumunda önemli bir rol oynasa da, yiyecek seçemi aynı ailenin üyeleri arasında bile de¬ğişiklik göstermektedir.
D) Aynı aileden bireylerin bile farklı yeme alış¬kanlıklarına sahip olması, coğrafi bölgenin kişinin yemek seçimi konusunda çok önemli olmadığını gösteriyor.
E) Aynı aileye mensup bireyler arasında bile değişen yeme alışkanlığının coğrafi bölge¬lere göre çok büyük farklılıklar göstermesi normaldir.

93. Humans blink their eyes an average of once every six seconds, which is a necessary process for the cleansing of the eye.
A) Gözün temizlenmesi için insanların ortalama olarak altı saniyede bir gözlerini kırpmaları gerekmektedir.
B) İnsanlar gözlerini yaklaşık altı saniyede bir kırpmaya başlıyorlarsa, gözün yıkanmaya ihtiyacı var demektir.
C) İnsanlar ortalama her altı saniyede bir gözlerini kırparlar ki bu, gözün temizlenmesi için gerekli bir işlemdir.
D) Gözlerini ortalama altı saniyede bir defadan daha sık kırpma ihtiyacı hisseden kişiler sık sık gözlerini yıkamalıdırlar.
E) İnsanlar, gözleri sulandığı zaman ortalama her altı saniyede bir gözlerini kırpma ihtiyacı hissederler.
94. It was obvious from the tired look on her face that she'd been working hard all day.
A) Bütün gün o kadar yoğun çalışmıştı ki yor¬gun olduğu yüzünden hemen anlaşılıyordu.
B) Yüzündeki yorgun ifadeye rağmen çalışma¬sını gün boyu sürdürdü.
C) Gün boyu yaptığı zorlu işler yüzünde yorgun bir ifade bırakmıştı.
D) Bütün gün uğraştığı zorlu işlerden sonra yü¬zündeki yorgun ifade kaçınılmazdı.
E) Bütün gün yoğun çalıştığı yüzündeki yorgun ifadeden belliydi.
95. l don't think we'll be living here when you come back from holiday because we haven't reached a compromise with the landowner about the rent.
A) Sen tatilden döndüğünde burada oturuyor olacağımızı sanmıyorum çünkü ev sahibiyle kira konusunda bir anlaşmaya varamadık.
B) Sen tatilden dönünceye kadar biz buradan çıkmış oluruz herhalde çünkü ev sahibiyle kira konusunda anlaşamadık.
C) Ev sahibi istediği yüksek kira konusunda ıs¬rar ederse tatilden dönünce burada otur¬maya devam edeceğimizi zannetmiyorum.
D) Ev sahibinin istediği kira bize göre çok yük¬sek olduğu için sanıyorum sen tatilden dön¬düğünde biz burada oturuyor olmayız.
E) Ev sahibiyle kira konusunda bir anlaşmaya varamadığımız için tatilden döner dönmez buradan çıkmayı düşünüyoruz.

96. How long will you have been working on this project by the time you've completed it?
A) Bu projeyi ne kadar zamanda tamamlamayı umuyorsunuz?
B) Bu projeyi tamamlamak ne kadar zamanınızı aldı?
C) Bu projeye başlamadan önce bu kadar uzun süreceğini tahmin etmiş miydiniz?
D) Bu projeyi bitirdiğinizde ne kadar zamandır onun üzerinde çalışıyor olacaksınız?
E) Bu projenin teslimine kadar hep böyle yoğun mu çalışacaksınız?
97. Until the new secretary comprehends the system, I’ll be responsible for the great majority of the work in the office.
A) Yeni sekreter sistemi çok iyi bilmediği için bürodaki önemli işlerden yine ben sorumlu¬yum.
B) Bürodaki bazı işler için olan sorumluluğum yeni sekreter sisteme alışınca sona erecek.
C) Yeni sekreter sistemi kavrayamazsa büro¬daki önemli işlerden hep ben sorumlu olaca¬ğım.
D) Büroda çok fazla işten sorumlu olmak iste¬miyorum ama yeni sekreter sisteme alışın¬caya kadar mecburum.
E) Yeni sekreter sistemi kavrayıncaya kadar bürodaki işlerin büyük bir bölümünden ben sorumlu olacağım.
98. By destroying the natural habitats of wild animals, the rapidly growing human population is exposing them to the threat of extinction.
A) İnsan nüfusu o kadar hızlı büyüyor ki bu da doğal olarak vahşi hayvanların yaşadığı alanları azaltıyor ve onları yok olma tehlike¬siyle karşı karşıya bırakıyor.
B) Hızla büyüyen insan nüfusu vahşi hayvan¬ların doğal ortamlarına zarar vererek, onları yok olma tehlikesiyle karşı karşıya bırak¬maktadır.
C) Yaşadıkları doğal ortamlar zarar gördüğü için nesilleri tükenmek üzere olan vahşi hayvan¬ların bu durumundan hızla büyüyen insan nü¬fusu sorumludur.
D) İnsan nüfusunun hızla büyümesi sonucu vahşi hayvanların yaşadıkları doğal ortamlar zarar görmüş, bazılarının ise nesli tükenmiş¬tir.
E) İnsan vücudunun hızla büyümesi sadece doğal yaşama zarar vermekle kalmıyor aynı zamanda bazı vahşi hayvanları da yok ol¬manın eşiğine getiriyor.

99. The world's largest wool–producing countries, Australia and New Zealand, together meet almost 40 percent of the world's total demand for wool.
A) Dünyanın en büyük yün üreticileri olan Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda birlikte dünyanın toplam yün ihtiyacının yaklaşık yüzde kırkını karşılamaktadır.
B) Dünyanın toplam yün ihtiyacının neredeyse yüzde kırkı, iki büyük yün üreticisi, Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda tarafından karşılanmaktadır.
C) Yün üretiminin en yaygın yapıldığı iki ülke olan Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda, dünyanın toplam yün ihtiyacının ancak yüzde kırkını karşılayabilmektedir.
D) Dünyanın en büyük yün üreticilerinden Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda'nın toplam yıllık üretimleri birleştiğinde, dünya ihtiyacının hemen hemen yüzde kırkını oluşturmaktadır.
E) İkisi de dünyanın önde gelen yün üreticilerinden olan Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda, dünyanın toplam yün ihtiyacının yüzde kırkını üretmektedir.

100. Hippocrates, known as the father of the science of medicine, separated medicine from superstition.
A) Tıbbı batıl inançtan ayırıp bilim yapan kişinin Hipokrat'ın babası olduğu bilinmektedir.
B) Tıp biliminin babası sayılan Hipokrat'tan önce, tıbba batıl inançlar hakimdi.
C) Tıp biliminin babası olarak bilinen Hipokrat tıbbı batıl inançları ayırmıştır.
D) Hipokrat ve kendisi gibi tıp bilimiyle ilgilenen babası tıbbı batıl inançtan arındırmışlardır.
E) Tıbbı batıl inanç olmaktan çıkaran kişi tıp biliminin babası Hipokrat'tır.

101. – 110. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulu¬nuz.

101. The expression 'knowledge is power' is no longer valid because there is no longer a shortage of information.
A) The saying 'knowledge is power' was based on the misconception that those who know a lot of things are always clever.
B) Due to the abundance of information available today, the saying 'knowledge is power' has become meaningless.
C) The saying 'knowledge is power' developed from the shortage of information ancient people suffered.
D) Those who had knowledge used to be powerful, but modern people all have access to information.
E) We need to replace the expression 'knowledge is power' with a more suitable and modern alternative.

102. There was very little traffic yesterday afternoon so, for once, l arrived home before my mother.
A) l always arrive home after my mother, but yesterday afternoon was an exception because of the light traffic.
B) My mother, who usually comes home before me, got caught up in traffic yesterday afternoon, but luckily l didn't.
C) Because l was travelling in the afternoon, when the traffic is usually not heavy, l got home quite quickly, which has happened only once in a long time.
D) The traffic is almost always very bad on my route home, but yesterday afternoon l arrived home around the same time as my mother.
E) My mother usually comes home after me, but yesterday afternoon she arrived before me because the roads were clear of traffic.

103. My friend's cousin graduated from university two years ago and has been working in Korea since then.
A) My friend's cousin took two years to graduate before he went to Korea to work.
B) My friend's cousin went to work in Korea two years after he'd graduated from university.
C) Two years before my friend's cousin graduated from university, he had been working in Korea.
D) My friend's cousin has been working in Korea from the time of his graduation two years ago.
E) Two years after my friend's cousin left university, he decided to work in Korea.

104. l last saw Mary's brother just before his exams, and not surprisingly, he looked thin and pale then.
A) Whenever l see Mary's brother, he looks thin and pale because he's always studying hard for his exams.
B) I’m not surprised Mary's brother looks thin and pale because very shortly he will take his exams.
C) Naturally, Mary's brother has become thin and pale because he is taking his examinations.
D) Surprisingly, just before his exams, Mary's brother appeared to have lost weight and was looking rather pale.
E) l haven't seen Mary’s brother since he was about to take his exams and he naturally appeared thin and pale.

105. l had never seen a Shakespeare play performed until l saw "Twelfth Night' by the university theatre group last week.
A) l have never seen a Shakespeare play performed, but our university theatre group performed his 'Twelfth Night' last week.
B) 'Twelfth Night', which l saw performed by the university theatre group last week, was the first Shakespeare play l had seen.
C) The university theatre group had never performed a Shakespeare play until last week, when they put on a performance of 'Twelfth Night'.
D) Shakespeare's play 'Twelfth Night', performed by the university theatre group, was the first play that l had ever seen in my life.
E) Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night', which we performed with the university theatre group last week, was the first play in which l took part.

106. That was the last time we'd trusted Simon to bring the ball, and he failed.
A) We've given Simon a last chance to bring his ball, or we'll never trust him again.
B) We didn't rely on Simon to bring the ball from then on as he'd lost his last chance by failing on that occasion.
C) Simon's ball wasn't really a very good one, so we didn't want him to bring it ever again.
D) Simon really couldn't be trusted to do anything, so we didn't ask him to bring his ball again.
E) We couldn't play our game because Simon had forgotten to bring a ball again.

107. He was confused about his maths homework until his friend's brother explained the instructions to him.
A) The explanation given to him by his friend's brother confused him, so he didn't know how to do his maths homework.
B) Because he was confused about his maths homework, his friend asked his brother to help him.
C) After his friend's brother explained the instructions to him, he was no longer confused about his maths homework.
D) When his friend's brother offered to do his maths homework for him, he was confused about whether he should let him or not.
E) Maths is very confusing for him and the explanations can be just as difficult to understand; therefore, he prefers to ask a friend for help.

108. Two people in the row behind us were talking continuously throughout the entire film.
A) We didn't enjoy the film because two people were talking behind us.
B) We didn't start to enjoy the film until the two people behind us stopped talking.
C) During the most thrilling parts of the film, a couple were chatting behind us, which was very irritating.
D) The noise of people talking completely spoilt the film for us.
E) During the whole film, two people sitting behind us didn't stop talking.

109. He has lived in four different countries so far in his life.
A) He has chosen the fourth country he's been to as his home.
B) This is the fourth country he has visited in his life.
C) He's trying to choose one of the four countries to be his home.
D) Up until now he has lived in four separate countries.
E) So far he hasn't been able to settle in any one country, so he has lived in four separate ones.

110. Due to his wish to see his children more often, he has recently started a new job closer to the house so that he doesn't waste time travelling.
A) His children wanted to see more of him, so he went to work for another company, which gave him more free time.
B) Recently he has taken different employment near his house in order that he doesn't have to travel, and therefore, he can see more of his children.
C) ln his new job, he doesn't have to travel any more, which means that he won't waste time in heavy traffic except when taking his children to and from school.
D) His previous job was better–paid, but he gave it up for one closer to his house as he wanted to spend the time he'd otherwise waste commuting with his children.
E) The reason why he's changed his job recently and got a new one near his house is that he hates to spend so much time in traffic.

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