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1. I ---- Malcolm in his car, but he ---- the traffic and didn't see me.
A) was seeing / watches
B) see / has watched
C) have seen / is watching
D) saw / was watching
E) am seeing / watched
2. Tim ---- a master's degree as soon as he ----, to Canada.
A) has begun / is returning
B) began / returned
C) is beginning / returned
D) was beginning / returns
E) begins / has returned
3. Rachel ---- up smoking four years ago and she ---- a cigarette since.
A) was giving / doesn't smoke
B) has given / wasn't smoking
C) gave / hasn't smoked
D) has given / didn't smoke
E) is giving / isn't smoking
4. Last year Sonny ---- four miles each morning before breakfast, but he ---- around the block each morning instead since his hearth attack.
A) ran / has been walking
B) has run / has walked
C) runs / was walking
D) has been running / walks
E) was running / walked
5. I ---- a brace on my teeth as a child, but I didn't like it.
A) was wearing
B) am wearing
C) have worn
D) wore
E) have been wearing
6. I ---- an extra part-time job last week as we ---- the money.
A) am starting / are needing
B) was starting / have needed
C) start / needed
D) have started / were needing
E) started / need

7. In 1951, the people of the Gold Coast ---- for their own government and shortly afterwards, they ---- their country as Ghana.
A) vote / are renaming
B) voted / renamed
C) have voted / were renaming
D) were voting / have renamed
E) are voting / rename
8. As my son ---- down by the river, I ---- his room thoroughly.
A) fishes / have cleaned
B) is fishing / cleaned
C) has fished / clean
D) fished / have been cleaning
E) was fishing / cleaned
9. We ---- in Cornwall for two weeks last summer. Since then, we ---- a holiday by the sea.
A) stayed / haven't had
B) are staying / don't have
C) were staying / didn't have
D) stay / aren't having
E) have stayed / weren't having
10. One of the straps on the baby's pram ---- quite thin, so we ---- to replace it.
A) wore / decide
B) wears / have decided
C) was wearing / decided
D) is wearing / were deciding
E) has been wearing / decide
11. This time last year, his business ---- a reasonable profit, but now, because of bad management, he ---- keep it going.
A) has made / has struggled
B) made / was struggling
C) make / has been struggling
D) has been making / struggles
E) was making / is struggling
12. The last time we ---- dinner with them, they ---- for a new house.
A) have had / looked
B) were having / have been looking
C) have been having / look
D) had / were looking
E) have / are looking

13. The whole family was busy. While the children ---- decorations, their father ---- up the Christmas tree.
A) are making / is setting
B) made / has been setting
C) have been making / has set
D) were making / was setting
E) have made / set
14. A: What's on TV tonight?
B: Match of the day, Manchester United ---- South Melbourne.
A) play
B) were playing
C) are playing
D) have played
E) played
15. Isn't it strange that you ---- for Mark's surprise party all week, but you ---- him a birthday present yet?
A) are preparing / didn't buy
B) have been preparing / haven't bought
C) prepared / don't buy
D) have prepared / aren't buying
E) prepare / weren't buying
16. While my parents ---- in the shopping centre, a thief ---- into their car for the radio.
A) shopped / has broken
B) were shopping / broke
C) have shopped / breaks
D) are shopping / was breaking
E) shop / is breaking
17. When we ---- her, she ---- in the wardrobe.
A) were finding / hides
B) find / has hidden
C) are finding / is hiding
D) found / was hiding
E) have found / hid
18. I never ---- my temper on purpose, of course, but sometimes I just ----, though I always regret it afterwards.
A) lose / explode
B) lost / am exploding
C) have been losing / exploded
D) was losing / have exploded
E) have lost / was exploding

19. Even though it ---- heavily at the time, they ---- home.
A) has snowed / were driving
B) snows / have been driving
C) was snowing / drove
D) has been snowing / drive
E) snowed / are driving
20. It's been one week since the floods ---, but still aid workers ---- people.
A) are striking / rescued
B) strike / were rescuing
C) were striking / have been rescuing
D) struck / are rescuing
E) have struck / rescue
21. I ---- my book in the laundrette while my washing ----
A) have read / dries
B) read / was drying
C) was reading / has dried
D) have read / is drying
E) am reading / has dried
22. Up to now, the predicted Millennium computer bug ---- very few problems, although many scientists last year ---- a catastrophe.
A) has been causing / have predicted
B) is causing / predict
C) causes / were predicting
D) caused / have been predicting
E) has caused / predicted
23. I only ---- the company on Monday for a copy of their magazine and I ---- it already.
A) was asking / am receiving
B) have been asking / was receiving
C) ask / receive
D) asked / have received
E) have asked / have been receiving

24. More and more of my colleagues ---- these days because the owners of the company have changed a lot of procedures. These changes won't affect me though, because I ---- my job here only recently.
A) have left / was starting
B) leave / am starting
C) were leaving / started
D) left / start
E) are leaving / have started

25. She ---- onto the train because the station guard ---- his whistle.
A) has hurried / blows
B) hurries / has been blowing
C) hurried / was blowing
D) was hurrying / has blown
E) is hurrying / blows
26. Peggy's family ---- pedigree dogs for three generations and they regularly --- their dogs in shows.
A) have been breeding / enter
B) are breeding / are entering
C) were breeding / are entering
D) breed / have entered
E) bred / were entering
27. Mrs. White ---- her daughter's wedding dress herself since November and ---- it, except for the trimmings.
A) made / finished
B) was making / was finishing
C) has been making / has finished
D) is making / finished
E) makes / is finishing
28. Because we have a young baby, we ---- the opportunity to go to the cinema any more, but now and again, we ---- a video to play at home.
A) didn't have / are buying
B) aren't having / were buying
C) don't have / buy
D) weren't having / bought
E) haven't had / have been buying

29. The perfume ---- like cheap soap and definitely isn't worth this price.
A) is smelling
B) smells
C) has been smelling
D) was smelling
E) smelt

30. While I ---- some money from a cash machine, a man ---- it all out of my hand.
A) was withdrawing / snatched
B) withdrew / snatches
C) am withdrawing / has snatched
D) have withdraw / was snatching
E) withdrew / has been snatching

31. They ---- to buy a boat for years, and finally they ---- enough money.
A) have been hoping / have saved
B) hope / saved
C) were hoping / are saving
D) hoped / have been saving
E) are hoping / save
32. As he ---- the party, a strange man ---- him.
A) left / has been approaching
B) is leaving / has approached
C) leaves / was approaching
D) has left / approaches
E) was leaving / approached
33. We ---- with the sales staff tomorrow because our sales ---- recently.
A) were meeting / declined
B) are meeting / have declined
C) meet / decline
D) met / were declining
E) have met / are declining
34. Sally's husband ---- for a new job because his present one ---- no opportunities for advancement.
A) was looking / has offered
B) looks / was offering
C) looked / is offering
D) is looking / offers
E) has looked / has been offering
35. I ---- you several times last week, but no one ---- in.
A) was phoning / has been
B) phoned / was
C) have phoned / has been
D) phone / is being
E) am phoning / is
36. My father ---- English at all although he ---- it for three years when he was in high school.
A) isn't speaking / has studied
B) hasn't been speaking / studies
C) doesn't speak / studied
D) didn't speak / has been studying
E) wasn't speaking / is studying
37. I ---- on this report for more than three weeks now, but I ---- only half of it yet.
A) work / have been completing
B) am working / complete
C) work / am completing
D) was working / completed
E) have been working / have completed
38. The archaeological evidence ---- clearly that people in ancient Crete ---- flush toilets 4000 years ago.
A) has shown / use
B) is showing / have used
C) showed / have been using
D) shows / were using
E) was showing / are using
39. Marry says she ---- George because he ---- her life miserable.
A) has been leaving / makes
B) has left / is making
C) leaves / was making
D) is leaving / has made
E) was leaving / has made
40. My brother ---- a new BMW and ever since he ---- about it.
A) was buying / bragged
B) is buying / is bragging
C) has bought / brags
D) buys / has bragged
E) bought / has been bragging
41. He ---- great poverty until he ---- up writing and got a proper job.
A) has suffered / gives
B) suffered / gave
C) is suffering / has given
D) has suffered / was giving
E) suffers / is giving
42. I ---- a lot of weight since I ---- drinking beer every night.
A) have lost / stopped
B) lost / am stopping
C) lose / have been stopping
D) was losing / have stopped
E) am losing / stop
43. My son ---- very well at university this term because he ---- out late at night any more.
A) does / hasn't stayed
B) did / isn't staying
C) has done / wasn't staying
D) was doing / hasn't been staying
E) is doing / doesn't stay
44. Last year he almost ---- because he ---- his social life a little too much.
A) fails / has enjoyed
B) was failing / has been enjoying
C) failed / was enjoying
D) has been failing / enjoyed
E) has failed / enjoys
45. Our company's sales ---- since the new management ---- over.
A) have been improving / took
B) improve / has taken
C) improved / has been taking
D) are improving / was taking
E) were improving / is taking
46. The guards ---- when the enemy ----
A) are sleeping / has been attacking
B) have slept / was attacking
C) slept / has attacked
D) were sleeping / attacked
E) sleep / is attacking
47. The negotiators ---- to bring the two sides together for months, but so far they ----
A) try / are failing
B) are trying / failed
C) tried / fail
D) have tried / were failing
E) have been trying / have failed
48. The electricity ---- off last night just as the film on TV ---- interesting.
A) has gone / got
B) was going / has got
C) is going / has been getting
D) goes / is getting
E) went / was getting
49. More than a million people ---- the new superstore since it ---- last month.
A) are visiting / has been opening
B) have visited / opened
C) were visiting / opens
D) have been visiting / is opening
E) visited / has opened
50. Water ---- from liquid to gas when it ---- a temperature of 100°C.
A) has changed / reached
B) changed / was reaching
C) changes / reaches
D) has been changing / is reaching
E) is changing / reached
51. The phrase "post modernism" ------ about fifty years ago, but most people still ---- what it means.
A) was appearing / haven't known
B) has appeared / don't know
C) appeared / don't know
D) appears / didn't know
E) has been appearing / haven't known

52. People who ---- items like bottles and cans ---- the world's resources.
A) aren't recycling / wasted
B) didn't recycle / waste
C) haven't been recycling / were wasting
D) don't recycle / are wasting
E) haven't recycled / wasted
53. The president ---- too hard lately, and as a result, he ---- terrible.
A) has been working / looks
B) has worked / looked
C) worked / is looking
D) works / has looked
E) is working / was looking
54. I ---- to play the lottery about two years ago, but I ---- anything yet.
A) was starting / didn't win
B) started / haven't won
C) start / haven't been winning
D) have started / don't win
E) am starting / wasn't winning
55. I ---- in Istanbul for so long that I ---- the time before the Bosporus Bridges.
A) am living / remembered
B) lived / am remembering
C) was living / have remembered
D) live / was remembering
E) have lived / remember
56. Two years ago, she ---- English at all, but she ---- hard since then.
A) hasn't spoken / is studying
B) wasn't speaking / studies
C) isn't speaking / studied
D) didn't speak / has been studying
E) doesn't speak / was studying
57. My brother ---- three years in jail when he was younger, but now he ---- to give up his life of crime.
A) spent / has decided
B) spends / is deciding
C) has spent / has been deciding
D) was spending / decides
E) has been spending / decided
58. I ---- my boss privately tomorrow and I ---- quite nervous about it.
A) have seen / am feeling
B) see / was feeling
C) am seeing / feel
D) saw / felt
E) was seeing / have felt
59. The first time I ---- horse riding, I was very nervous and ---- the reins very tightly.
A) was going / am holding
B) have gone / hold
C) am going / have held
D) go / was holding
E) went / held
60. Life ---- immensely since Thomas Edison ---- the first light bulb in 1879.
A) is changing / was inventing
B) has changed / invented
C) has been changing / has invented
D) changed / has been inventing
E) was changing / invents


1. Normally, people ---- quickly from the flu, but so far this year many people --- as a result of it.
A) are recovering / had died
B) had recovered / are going to die
C) have been recovering / die
D) recover / have died
E) were recovering / will die
2. You ---- for three months by the time you leave for your holiday, so you ---- quite a lot of weight.
A) have been dieting / will be losing
B) will have been dieting / will have lost
C) had dieted / lost
D) were dieting / had lost
E) are going to diet / have lost
3. Carreta turtles ---- their eggs on the beach at night and ---- the reflection from the sea to find their way back to the water.
A) lay / use
B) were laying / have used
C) are going to lay / used
D) laid / are using
E) will lay / had used
4. By the mid 1970s, "Marks and Spencer" ---- one of the top department stores and they ---- more underwear than any other British company at the time.
A) had become / were selling
B) is going to become / had sold
C) has become / are selling
D) became / will be selling
E) was becoming / will have sold
5. I ---- the potatoes while you ---- the leeks for the soup.
A) peeled / will be chopping
B) will have peeled / have chopped
C) was peeling / had chopped
D) peel / will have chopped
E) will peel / chop
6. For the past 24 hours, a tropical storm ---- the houses of villages in Mozambique, but it is hard to know as yet how much damage it ---- by the time it has stopped.
A) was going to batter / causes
B) battered / will have been causing
C) has been battering / will have caused
D) had been battering / has caused
E) is battering / has been causing
7. By 1840, the US Army ---- most Eastern Indian tribes west of the Mississippi.
A) will have pushed B) have pushed
C) had pushed D) pushed
E) are pushing
8. For most of the time throughout the picnic, the boys ---- football while the girls ---- flowers.
A) will play / have been picking
B) are playing / have been picking
C) have played / are picking
D) were playing / were picking
E) had been playing / have picked
9. Over recent years, glue sniffing, which ---- negative effects on both the body and the mind, ---- a major problem among teenagers.
A) has had / is becoming
B) has / has become
C) is going to have / had become
D) will have / will have become
E) is having / was becoming
10. Chinese merchants ---- trade in Tibet since 1950, when China ---- the country.
A) dominate / was invading
B) were dominating / has invaded
C) will have dominated / had invaded
D) had dominated / will be invading
E) have dominated / invaded
11. In 1619, the first African slaves ---- in Virginia, USA, and by 1790, their numbers ---- nearly 700,000.
A) were arriving / have been reaching
B) arrived / had reached
C) have arrived / were reaching
D) were going to arrive / reach
E) had arrived / will have reached
12. We ---- a lovely view of the Bosphorus and the bridges over it while the plane ---- over Istanbul.
A) are getting / flies
B) had got / is flying
C) got / was flying
D) get / has flown
E) are getting / had been flying
13. When they ---- in Sydney Harbour, they ---- non-stop for three months.
A) anchor / will have been sailing
B) were anchoring / sailed
C) have anchored / were sailing
D) are anchoring / have been sailing
E) are going to anchor / have sailed
14. According to the new schedule the whole team have accepted, we ---- every Monday and Wednesday next term, but I'm sure we ---- back to our normal routine of once a week before long.
A) had trained / revert
B) train / have reverted
C) are training / reverted
D) are going to train / will revert
E) have been training / are reverting
15. The prospector ran into town in excitement because, at last, he ---- some gold at the site which he ---- for months.
A) was finding / was panning
B) will find / is going to pan
C) will have found / has panned
D) had found / had been panning
E) found / will have panned
16. I expect you ---- bored with working at the Post Office by this time next year and ---- for a more interesting job.
A) have become / will have looked
B) were becoming / are going to look
C) become / will look
D) will become / are looking
E) will have become / will be looking
17. Listen! The coach ---- the strengths of our opponents because our team ---- against them before.
A) has explained / weren't playing
B) explains / won't play
C) is explaining / haven't played
D) was explaining / don't play
E) will explain / hadn't been playing
18. When I ---- the alterations to the company accounts, I was left in no doubt that the accountant ---- money from the firm.
A) saw / had been stealing
B) am seeing / has stolen
C) was seeing / was stealing
D) have seen / will have stolen
E) see / steals
19. According to the doctor, this time next week, I ---- around as normal and the cut on my foot ---- completely.
A) am walking / healed
B) will be walking / will have healed
C) walked / was healing
D) have been walking / heals
E) walk / is going to heal

20. Shadow puppets ---- in China and ---- as far as Turkey and Greece today.
A) will originate / have been spreading
B) are originating / will be spreading
C) originate / had spread
D) originated / have spread
E) will have originated / were spreading
21. Over recent years, many skilled craftsmen and women ---- their jobs in the pottery trade in the UK, but gradually English porcelain ---- its reputation.
A) will have lost / will regain
B) had been losing / has regained
C) lost / regains
D) are losing / regained
E) have lost / is regaining
22. After she ---- to turn up for our appointment for the third time, I ---- to meet her again.
A) is failing / am refusing
B) has failed / had refused
C) was failing / will refuse
D) had been failing / have refused
E) had failed / refused
23. Since I took party in my first debating match, I ---- a member of the debating club, which I ---- most weekends.
A) will have been / have attended
B) have been / attend
C) will be / was attending
D) am / had been attending
E) was / am attending

24. By the first half of the 19th century, the potato ---- the staple food in the Ireland. In 1854, a disease ---- which resulted in widespread starvation.
A) was becoming / has struck
B) will become / was going to strike
C) had become / struck
D) was going to become / strikes
E) has become / has struck

25. The origins of domestic poultry ---- uncertain, but experts believe that some breeds are descended from the Indian jungle-fowl, which still ---- in India today.
A) are going to be / will exist
B) had been / will have existed
C) were / had been existing
D) are / exists
E) have been / existed
26. In 1868, the US government ---- 7000 Navajo Indians to return to their homeland and, since then, they ---- the largest and richest Indian tribe.
A) allowed / have become
B) has allowed / are becoming
C) was going to allow / will become
D) has allowed / were becoming
E) was allowing / become
27. In 1960, only 2000 American Indians ---- at university, while in 1970, only a decade later, this number ---- to 12000.
A) are studying / is increasing
B) were studying / had increased
C) will be studying / will have increased
D) studied / will increase
E) had studied / was increasing
28. Today we ---- a lot of tangerines at one pound per kilo, unlike yesterday, when we ---- very few customers.
A) were selling / have had
B) are selling / had
C) had been selling / had had
D) sold / will have had
E) are going to sell / will be having
29. A: Isn't that your daughter playing outside without a coat on? She ---- a chill.
B: She has a thermal vest on under her pullover, but you have a point. I ---- her coat.
A) was catching / am fetching
B) is catching / fetch
C) will be catching / have fetched
D) will catch / will fetch
E) catches / am going to fetch
30. The number of orders per week ---- all year and the sales manager is confident that we ---- our target.
A) has increased / had been reaching
B) will increase / have been reaching
C) increases / reached
D) increased / reach
E) has been increasing / will reach

31. As the police ---- the road, we ---- a time consuming detour around the mountain.
A) are closing / were making
B) will close / had made
C) had closed / made
D) will have closed / had been making
E) close / have made
32. I ---- some shopping during my lunch break, but I couldn't as I ---- awful because of my cold.
A) was going to do / felt
B) have done / have felt
C) will do / am feeling
D) did / was feeling
E) do / will have felt
33. By the time the work on their house is finished, they ---- the painters, decorators and carpenters a total of £8000. They ---- a beautiful kitchen, though.
A) are paying / have had
B) paid / are having
C) had paid / were having
D) will have paid / will have
E) have paid / have
34. I feel certain that Greg ---- in his new business because he ---- so hard all the time.
A) is succeeding / will work
B) will succeed / works
C) was succeeding / is going to work
D) had succeeded / will be working
E) has succeeded / had worked
35. Before Petar Preradovic ---- poems in his native Croatian, he ---- all his poems in German.
A) has published / is writing
B)is publishing / was writing
C) published / had written
D) had published / will have written
E) has been publishing / has written

36. I ---- some notes earlier and ---- to them during my presentation. In the event, however, I didn't use them once.
A) will have written / will refer
B) am going to write / refer
C) had written / was going to refer
D) wrote / have referred
E) write / will have referred

37. Because of Istanbul's geographical location, it ---- a place of trade since civilization ----
A) is / was being
B) was / has begun
C) will be / had begun
D) had been / is beginning
E) has been / began

38. When Boris Yeltsin ---- on 31st December 1999, he ---- President of Russia for eight years.
A) had resigned / was
B) has resigned / is
C) will have resigned / will be
D) resigned / had been
E) resigns / is being
39. The circumference of a circle ---- 3.14159265 times its diameter no matter how small or large it is.
A) measures B) measured
C) will be measuring D) had measured
E) was measuring
40. At present, British farmers ---- to the government because since the EC lifted the ban on British beef, the French ---- to buy any.
A) were protesting / refused
B) are protesting / have refused
C) had protested / were refusing
D) will protest / refuse
E) protest / will be refusing
40. - 50. sorularda verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
41. She hasn't washed anything delicate in the washing machine ----.
A) until she bought some special soap powder
B) since she shrank her favourite Shetland wool cardigan
C) even when her mother offered to wash it for her
D) until the garment becomes really faded
E) because she thought it was better to handwash it
42. ----, we will probably have eaten, but I'll keep your dinner warm in the oven.
A) Until we move the office to the city centre
B) While you were travelling to Edinburgh
C) As soon as he had got the job as a chef
D) While I am cooking lasagne
E) By th time you get home from Carlisle
43. ----, suddenly, he had a great idea how to make the farm profitable.
A) Until he has obtained the loan from the bank
B) When he hires two new farm workers
C) While he was milking the cows
D) Whenever he considered selling the bottom field
E) Ever since his son told him he wanted to be a lawyer
44. ---- by the time you have unpacked.
A) We were all in the living room watching television
B) We have just run out of hot water
C) You haven't had time to take a shower
D) The water will be hot enough for a bath
E) You are taking quite a long time

45. Before the riders mount their horses, ----.
A) they usually went for a gallop around the paddock
B) the horses were mostly thoroughbreds
C) they were riding without wearing riding hats
D) the instructor checks the bridle and saddle of the horses
E) they watched some experienced riders jump over the fences

46. He qualified as a pilot just three months ago, but since then ----.
A) he has flown across the Atlantic several times
B) he was fulfilling a lifetime ambition
C) he usually works as a co-pilot
D) he is terribly afraid of flying
E) he probably won't have any financial problems

47. It was only after she had visited her doctor that ----.
A) she has been worrying about the rash on her scalp
B) her rash began to disappear
C) she will have been suffering for two months
D) she is feeling much better
E) she has decided to ask at the chemist
48. ---- as soon as they find out the exact weight of the shipment.
A) We suspected that they had overcharged us again
B) They had been asking us for some business for weeks
C) Perhaps they have delivered our goods
D) They will let us know the precise cost of transportation
E) The shipping company charges seven dollars per kilogram

49. Until the manager dropped the football star from the team, ----.
A) he has scored more goals than his team mates this season
B) he won't play for them in the future
C) he expects to get an offer from a European club
D) he doesn't expect to get picked next season
E) he really believed that he was indispensable
50. ---- when thieves stole the radio cassette player.
A) He has decided to pay in instalments
B) The police aren't doing enough to catch the thieves
C) You have been waiting so long for the dealer to deliver your new stereo
D) I don't think the robbers will be sent to prison
E) He had only just taken delivery of his new car

51. – 60. sorularda, cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan sözcüğü bulunuz.
51. The main character was so funny that we laughed continually ---- the whole play.
A) during
B) until
C) while
D) as soon as
E) before
52. She attended a supplementary Mathematics couse ---- she was studying for her 'Advanced Calculus' examination.
A) before
B) during
C) while
D) by the time
E) after
53. I discussed the new advertisement with him over the telephone, but I haven't spoken to him ---- then.
A) before
B) by
C) during
D) until
E) since

54. ---- I read about his death in the newspaper, I sent a sympathy card to his widow.
A) Before
B) By the time
C) During
D) While
E) As soon as
55. So much snow had covered the mountaineer that ---- they dug him out, he had almost frozen to death.
A) while
B) by the time
C) until
D) as soon as
E) after
56. Joanna received treatment for many years ---- her cancer finally disappeared.
A) by the time
B) since
C) as
D) before
E) while
57. She is very scared of dogs, so ---- she sees one, she gives it as much room as possible.
A) whenever
B) by the time
C) while
D) since
E) just as
58. We won't be able to ski ---- this fog clears. It's far too dangerous at the moment.
A) while
B) just as
C) until
D) by the time
E) when

59. ---- I was about to leave the office, the telephone rang and I'm glad I answered it because a customer wanted to place a large order.
A) Before
B) Just as
C) By the time
D) While
E) Since

60. Many people had drunk the contaminated water ---- the council informed the residents of the chemical spill.
A) by the time
B) since
C) while
D) after
E) just as

61. - 70. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.
61. The Internet has become accessible to most people because computer prices have fallen and internet cafes have sprung up in the last few years.
A) Lack of money is no longer a barrier to access to the Internet because those who can't afford to buy a computer can go to computer cafes.
B) A few years ago, only the rich had been able to afford a computer, but now, due to falling prices, everyone can own one.
C) Most people access the Internet on their own computer or at internet cafes, which are springing up everywhere.
D) As the cost of a computer has dropped and internet cafes have opened up over recent years, the Internet is now only inaccessible to very few people.
E) Because of falling prices and internet cafes opening up all over the place, everyone in the world will have access to the Internet soon.

62. Vicki wasn't feeling well yesterday, so for once, I beat her at badminton.
A) I always lose to Vicki at badminton, but yesterday was an exception because of her ill health.
B) I usually beat Vicki at badminton, but yesterday I lost, though this was due to my ill health.
C) I have only once won at badminton and that was against Vicki, who actually wasn't feeling well at the time.
D) Despite not feeling very well, Vicki beat me yesterday at badminton as she normally does.
E) I beat Vicki for the first time yesterday at badminton, but she blamed her ill health for her defeat.

63. John has been desponsible for sales in the Midlands since his promotion by the firm two months ago.
A) The company promoted John two months ago and since then he has had the responsibility for sales in the Midlands.
B) Before the company promoted John, he had the responsibility for sales in the Midlands for two months.
C) John had the responsibility for Midland sales two months before his company promoted him.
D) John has had the responsibility for Midland sales for two months and his company has just promoted him.
E) In two months' time, John's company will promote him and he will be responsible for sales in the Midlands.

64. I last hiked this sort of distance at university and, not surprisingly, I was much fitter then.
A) You will be surprised to learn that I was much fitter at university and could walk distances like this with no difficulty at all.
B) I'm surprisingly fit considering that I haven't done a walk of this length since university.
C) Naturally, I'm tired as I'm not accustomed to walking so far, but I was much fitter when I was at university.
D) I'm not surprised I'm finding walking so far more difficult than last time, as I was attending university then.
E) I haven't walked such a distance since I was at university, when I was much fitter, of course.

65. FIFA football, which I played with my nephew last week, was the first computer game I had played in my life.
A) I had never played a computer game until I played FIFA football with my nephew last week.
B) I have never played any computer games, but my nephew played FIFA football last week.
C) I beat my nephew on the computer game FIFA football last week for the first time ever.
D) I had never used a computer until I played FIFA football last week with my nephew.
E) I had never allowed my nephew to use my computer before, but he played FIFA football on it last week.

66. As the crust tasted like cardboard, that was the last time I ever tried to make an apple pie.
A) I bought an apple pie for them instead of trying to make one myself because last time my pie crust resembled cardboard.
B) They didn't like my apple pie because it tasted like cardboard, so I won't bake another one.
C) Every time I try to make an apple pie, it tastes a bit like cardboard, so I'm going to give up trying.
D) I never attempted to bake an apple pie again because the crust of my last attempt resembled cardboard in taste.
E) The moment I saw my last apple pie come out of the oven, I knew it was another disastrous attempt as it had less taste than cardboard.

67. She stopped worrying about her son when he telephoned her from the university.
A) She worries a lot about her son, who is at university, so he phones her frequently.
B) He phoned his mother from the university because he didn't want her to worry about him.
C) After her son phoned her from the university, she was no longer worried about him.
D) He phones his mother from the university because he knows she worries about him.
E) After her son promised to phone her when he arrived at the university, she stopped worrying.

68. I didn't feel sick once during the ferry trip from Italy to Turkey.
A) Usually, I get sick whenever I travel on the ferry from Italy to Turkey.
B) Although the sea between Italy and Turkey was rough, I wasn't sick once.
C) This time my ferry trip to Turkey from Italy wasn't spoilt by my being unwell.
D) I was quite sick while I was travelling to Turkey from Italy by ferry.
E) I felt well throughout the sea crossing to Turkey from Italy.
69. My father has mastered four foreign languages so far in his life.
A) At the moment, my father is learning four different languages.
B) Up to now, my father has learnt four languages thoroughly in addition to his own.
C) This is the fourth language my father has learnt already, and soon, he will start studying another one.
D) My father can't decide which of the four languages to study.
E) By the time my father has learnt this language, he will be able to speak four different ones.
70. Lena Zavoroni had suffered for nearly twenty years before she died of an eating disorder.
A) Lena Zavoroni passed away because of eating too little for over twenty years.
B) When Lena Zavoroni died twenty years ago, she was suffering from an eating disorder.
C) After almost twenty years of suffering from an eating disorder, Lena Zavoroni passed away.
D) Almost twenty years of eating unhealthy food caused the death of Lena Zavoroni.
E) Lena Zavoroni's death was a result of twenty years of overeating.

71. – 75. sorularda, verilen cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.
71. Programa göre kurtarma ekibi, afet bölgesine gitmek üzere yarın şafakta yola çıkıyor.
A) The schedule says that the rescue tearn is leaving the disaster area tomorrow at dawn.
B) The rescue team is keeping to the schedule and arriving at the disaster area tomorrow at dawn.
C) According to the schedule, the rescue team is leaving for the disaster area tomorrow by dawn.
D) lf they follow the schedule, the rescue team will have arrived at the disaster area tomorrow by dawn.
E) The rescue team is scheduled to go to the disaster area tomorrow before dawn.
72. İlk Avrupalı kaşifler Amerika'ya ayak bastığında, Amerikan yerlileri binlerce yıldır orada yaşıyorlardı.
A) When the first European explorers landed in America, they were greeted by Native Americans, who had lived there for millennia.
B) America has been inhabited for thousands of years; originally by Natives and later by Europeans.
C) At the time of the European exploration of America, the area was inhabited by Native Americans, who had been living there for millennia.
D) When the first European explorers set foot in America, the Native Americans had been living there for thousands of years.
E) European explorers arrived in America to find Native Americans, settlers from thousands of years earlier, living there.
73. Gece yarısına kadar katılımcıların sadece dördü konuşma yapabilmişti.
A) Althought it was past midnight, only four participants had given their speeches.
B) Unfortunately, only four speeches had been completed by midnight.
C) lt was past midnight and we had heard only four of the speeches.
D) Only four of the participants had managed to give their speeches by midnight.
E) With the speeches by four participants, the discussion lasted until midnight.
74. Vücut hareketleri ve yüz ifadeleriyle bale, insan duygularının tümünü çok estetik bir biçimde anlatır.
A) Through bodily movements and facial expressions, ballet expresses the full range of human emotions very aesthetically.
B) The beauty of ballet is that it expresses human emotions easthetically using both bodily movements and facial expressions.
C) Ballet is a combination of bodily movements and facial expressions, which can easthetically display every possible human emotion.
D) The beauty of ballet's bodily movements is enhanced by facial expressions, which express the full range of human emotions.
E) Ballet combines bodily movements with facial expressions in order to express all of the human emotions, and it does this very easthetically.
75. Argo çoğunlukla toplumun alt tabakalarında ortaya çıkar ve daha sonra yavaş yavaş kendini toplumun geneline kabul ettirir.
A) Many words used by the general public were originally slang expressions within a subgroup, but they slowly became widely accepted.
B) Slang words are often first used on the margins of society and later become accepted by the general public.
C) Slang, usually first used by specific cultural groups, becomes accepted extremely slowly by the rest of the society.
D) Society's subgroups often use slang words, but sometimes these words slowly become accepted by the general public.
E) Slang often originates in society's sabgroups and then works its way slowly into acceptance by the general public.
76. – 70. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.
76. The artifacts from the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen, including the magnificent golden mask, are on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
A) Kahire'de Mısır Müzesi'nde gösterime sunulan Mısır Firavunu Tutankamen'in mezarından çıkarılan ve altın maskeyi de içeren sanat eserleri muhteşemdi.
B) Mısır Firavunu Tutankamen'in mezarından çıkarılan sanat eserleri, muhteşem altın maske dahil, Kahire'de Mısır Müzesi'nde gösterimdedir.
C) Muhteşem altın maske dahil, Mısır Firavunu Tutankamen'in mezarından çıkarılan sanat eserleri Kahire'de Mısır Müzesi'nde gösterime sunulacaktır.
D) Kahire'de Mısır Müzesi'nde gösterimde olan, muhteşem altın maske dahil, sanat eserleri Mısır Firavunu Tutankamen'in mezarından çıkarılmıştır.
E) Mısır Firavunu Tutankamen'in mezarında bulunan sanat eserleri ve muhteşem altın maske Kahire'de Mısır Müzesi'nde sergilendi.
77. The destruction of Brazil's rain forests, in the name of economic progress, diminishes the amount of oxygen over the whole Earth.
A) Ekonomik gelişme sağlanırken bir yandan tüm dünya üzerindeki oksijen miktarının azalması, Brezilya'nın yağmur ormanlarının yok olmasına neden olmuştur.
B) Tüm dünyanın üzerindeki oksijen miktarının azalmasının nedeni, ekonomik gelişme sağlamak için Brezilya'daki yağmur ormanlarının yok edilmesidir.
C) Brezilya'nın yağmur ormanlarının yok edilmesi,ekonomik gelişme adına da olsa, dünyanın üzerindeki oksijen miktarını azaltmıştır.
D) Ekonomik gelişme adına Brezilya'nın yağmur ormanlarının yok edilmesi, tüm dünya üzerindeki oksijen miktarını azaltıyor.
E) Brezilya'nın ekonomik gelişme adına yağmur ormanlarını yok etmesi, tüm dünya üzerindeki oksijen miktarını azaltmaktadır.

78. While the rest of Europe was still in the Stone Age, the Minoan – Mycenaean peoples of the Aegean region had achieved a highly organised Bronze Age culture.
A) Avrupa'nın geri kalanı hala Taş Devri'nde iken, Ege bölgesinin Minos – Miken halkları son derece örgütlü Bronz Çağı kültürünü yaratmışlardı.
B) Ege bölgesinin Minos – Miken hakları örgütlülük düzeyi yüksek Bronz Çağı kültürünü yaratırken, Avrupa'nın geri kalanı hala Taş Devri'ndeydi.
C) Avrupa'nın geri kalanı henüz Taş Devri'ni yaşıyordu, ama Ege bölgesindeki Minos – Miken halkları daha örgütlü Bronz Çağı kültürünü yaratma çabasındaydı.
D) Ege bölgesinin Minos – Miken halkları son derece örgütlü Bronz Çağı kültürünü yaratmaya, Avrupa'nın geri kalanı hala Taş Devri'ndeyken başlamışlardı.
E) Minos – Miken halklarının Ege bölgesinde yarattığı Bronz Çağı kültürü, Avrupa'nın geri kalanı henüz Taş Devri'ndeyken bile son derece örgütlüydü.

79. Because of his knee injury, our best player won't be able to play in next week's critical match.
A) Gelecek haftaki kritik maçta en iyi oyuncumuz oynayamayacak çünkü dizini çok kötü incitti.
B) En iyi oyuncumuzun gelecek haftaki kritik maçta oynayamayacak olmasının nedeni dizindeki incinmedir.
C) Dizindeki incinme yüzünden en iyi oyuncumuz gelecek haftaki kritik maçta oynayamayacak.
D) Dizindeki incinme, en iyi oyuncumuzun gelecek haftaki kritik maçta oynamasını imkansız kılıyor.
E) En iyi oyuncumuzun dizindeki incinme nedeniyle gelecek haftaki maçta oynayamaması maçı kritik bir hale sokuyor.

80. The mountaineers had been walking in the rain since eight o'clock in the morning and all had fallen exhausted.
A) Dağcıların hepsi bitkin düşmüş olmasına rağmen sabah sekizden beri yağmur altında yürüyorlardı.
B) Dağcılar sabah sekizden beri yağmur altında yürüyorlardı ve hepsi de bitkin düşmüştü.
C) Dağcılar sabahın sekizinde yağmur altında yürüyorlardı ve hepsi de çok bitkin görünüyordu.
D) Sekiz saattir yağmur altında yürüyen dağcılar, sabah saatlerinde bitkin düşüp mola verdiler.
E) Saat sabahın sekiziydi ve hepsi de bitkin düşmüş dağcılar, yağmur altında yürümeye devam ediyordu.

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